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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently

Yay, here is the newest installment in Farley's Currently linky fun. Join in, it's always fun!

Oh' boy fourth grade

We love all things Disney!  We just found out we'll be able to do another Disney World trip this Christmas, yahoo!!

Living in NM it doesn't rain a ton, but we have been in an extreme state of dryness this year.  It's been officially a drought for 3 yrs, but this year has been BAD!!!  So, the fact that we had 12 rain drops just now is amaaazzzing!

I will be going with a black, white, and green theme BUT also chalkboard- which goes with that coloring.  There is always that question of how to place furniture, how to do the bulletin boards, etc. etc.

There's a new teacher store in town- Teacher Heaven.  I haven't gone, but everyone keeps telling me how great it is.  So when I go, I'll probably go bonkers and spend too much but it will be fun.

If you work hard, you should allow yourself to play hard too.  It's only fair!  :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inlinkz Code...oops

Ok, so I am new to some of this fancy stuff and can't seem to get it all to work on one here is the InLinkz code you will need to join in on the linky listed in the previous post.

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You have probably heard by now that Google Reader is going away on July 1st. Well, Google Reader may be going away, but I don't want YOU to go away, so I hope that you will consider following my blog through bloglovin! I know that change is I thought I might sweeten it up for you a little bit! 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloglovin' blog hop

Join Tori's Teacher Tips for the blog hop going on for those using Bloglovin'.

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June is almost over and....

June is almost finished and I am just now getting to my June Currently!!!  How very sad.

Oh' boy fourth grade

 Join in at Farley's neck of the woods by clicking the mustache above!

My kids are loving our new puppy but have been great about keeping our older dog, Clyde, feeling loved too.

I love feeling like a S.A.H.M. during the summer.  It is very rewarding and rejuvenating.

In-service- I will be presenting during our in-service this August and I am making plans, organizing, and working on my list of supplies to gather before the big week arrives.

Summer does go by way too fast!

We have not gone to the pool very much this summer, so we planned a play date with some friends to make sure we get there!!!

I said tablet because my hubby got me one for my b-day, but I would like to try to use it for kindle-style purposes this summer rather than just email and blog stalking.

Happy last week of June.... yikes,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Well, I have been MIA for a bit.  I had quite an exciting few weeks.  We went on a long, camping road trip. We went up to MT and stayed right outside the West entrance of Yellowstone.  We went to Idaho to visit my parents.  We went to a variety of places along the way, including 2 stops for Junior Ranger badges!  We also got a puppy!!!!  Our other dog was miserable after the death of our 14 year old dog...and I couldn't stand it anymore!  I was going to be happy with having 1 dog.  Our teacher lives are so demanding of our personal time, that I never feel the need to add to my responsibilities, so I usually say "NO!" to all questions of adding extra pets/jobs/chores/activities/etc.  I just felt so bad for poor Clyde.  He was moping around the house all the time, refusing to eat, and just having a really hard time being the only dog in the house.  So, we got a ball of energy that tries to eat his food, chew his ears, and jump on his back.

Here are some pics of our trip and pup.  Our new dog is named Bueller (yes, like Ferris).  He is a blue heeler mix and chock full of energy and shark teeth!!!

My Girls at the Canyonlands in Utah

My parents with my kids, fishing.  Notice the coats and winter hats- us New Mexicans are not used to Idaho weather!

My hubby and kids at Yellowstone

We had an amazing trip.  The pup came along with us, as he is in the house training stage right now.  Clyde stayed home with a dogsitter.  :)  

Now that we are done our travels (for now), I am planning out next years blog posts and ideas for TpT products.  I plan on creating a variety of products within this month, to start.  My goal, although we'll see how this goes, is to upload a product to TpT at least once a month.  Again, we'll see how that pans out once my time is filled with school things beginning in August.

Happy Tuesday,