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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently

Oh' boy fourth grade
Yay, it's time for a Farley's Currently!  Here it is, but if you wish to join in the fun with this linky, click {HERE}.

If you need a tutorial, I made one last month.  Click {HERE}

Most of my info is self explanatory, but here are some extra details...

It is my birthday on the 20th.  I am getting closer to 40 and that's a little uncomfortable.

I signed up for 3 different 5 k's and have been doing my best to train.  I have been jogging and working out on my total gym...but I know I need to step it up!

Grading always seems to take so long.  I need to figure out how to move faster with it, so I can get it done in a more reasonable amount of time.

Well, happy April Fool's Day.  I expect a few silly tricks today...maybe I'll do some of my own.  


  1. Embrace the age. It's just a number. It doesn't really mean anything! I have a 5k this weekend, and I don't even like running or jogging! :)

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

    1. I'll try to embrace...
      Hope your 5 K went well.

  2. I'm your newest follower! I didn't run my first marathon until I was 42! I think you only get better with age! Good luck at your 5Ks and enjoy your birthday month!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  3. I would LOVE to run a five K. I keep coming up with excuses but just need to do it!

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  5. I am with you on the grading! I try to remember that not EVERYTHING needs "the full treatment" - sometimes a quick scan for understanding is fine. And I can save my energy for more intensive feedback, like on writing pieces. (Which I have 40 of sitting in my bag now......)

    Glad I found your blog!!
    Mrs. Allen's 5th Grade Files

  6. Found your blog through Currently. I am stalking around finding some firstie teachers. I will be teaching first grade next year and I love making TpT classroom theme and packets. Check out my blog and leave me a comment if you have any great ideas!

    I am signed up for one and maybe signing up for another 5K this spring. I have been running at least twice a week, but need to step it up as well!

    Freebie in my latest post if you comment!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat