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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Week


My five are going to be brief and with few pics this week.  Very busy week.

Next week have testing for our cutey pie first graders (and 2-5th as well).  We are all ready.  Pencils sharpened, desks cleaned, etc.  Each year when we do testing week, we have the parents send in fun snacks for the kids to have as a special treat in the afternoon of each testing day.  They love this (so do I).  I also give the kids special surprises each day.  It helps the little people feel more interested in coming to school and taking the test, rather than feel suddenly ill for a week.  :)

My first surprise for the kids-
Fun crayons and a packet of cool mazes and coloring pages.


We are working on a How-To writing project.  We brainstormed, webbed the ideas into 4 categories, and have completed our outline for the writing piece.  Next comes the rough draft.  The piece is about conservation.  We are writing ways (other than the obvious recycle and pick up litter) that we may help our planet.  I took pics of them wearing a big Lorax mustache during our Dr. Seuss week, with the intention of using it on our bulletin board.  The pics are up, along with the marble painted Earth crafts they have made.  As soon as the writing is up, I will take a picture of the completed board.

We set our ladybugs free!!!!  Live well little ones.

My birthday is next week, so I am giving the kids a little party favor and will have a special treat for them as well.

Have a great week!


  1. That is a great idea, giving them prizes after testing each day. I am going to do this next year. Thanks for sharing, Heather (linked up a little late so check out my Friday Flashbacks)

  2. The kids got a treat on your birthday?! Sweet! I hope it was great!

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