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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Busy time of year

Well, I realized I hadn't posted anything since the 2nd of figured I should hop to it!  We have a little visitor at our house right now...and maybe forever.  We weren't planning on a new pet, but this sweet little one came to us through one of my best friends.  My youngest daughter is holding her in the pic below.  We collectively named her Jingle.  She has 2 different colored eyes, it's pretty cool!

I got my order from Scholastic and did a little dance.  I ordered my reading group and home room kiddos books.  I made fun new flagged pencils with duct tape to add to the gift package.  I used a bunch of my Scholastic points, but both book choices were $1 deals, so I got a nice deal.  I love Scholastic, it rocks.

Have a great weekend!

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