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Monday, September 2, 2013


September is here!  Time for a Farley's Currently.  Join in people- it's fun!  

Loving:  My new students are so sweet.  I am having a really good time learning about them and am already laughing a lot with them.  Should be a great year!

Thinking:  3 days for a weekend is more like it!!!  I could do that all the time!

Wanting:  Would be great to have someone to delegate all my boring home jobs to!  More time for fun.  :)

<3  1.  My 5 month old puppy is crazy!!!  We have been working on the chewing thing, but he is so tough.  He bites, jumps, chews, climbs on furniture, and other naughty dog behaviors....
I have been working with him but he seems to be proving himself pretty stubborn.  We use a water bottle and he practically runs away when he sees it...doesn't like it at all.  As soon as it is away, back to being naughty, ugh!!!
2.  I am signed up for another run.  I just completed the Blacklight 5K Run with a friend. 

Now, I have my daughters and I signed up for the Chips and Salsa Run Kid K.  Should prove a lot easier since it's only 1K....then I shouldn't have to carry my youngest!  We'll see if they eat the salsa though- they don't like anything spicy.  I can't wait, yumm!
3.  I have been leaving school at 4:30 everyday.  This is big for me as I tend to stay FOREVER.  I am trying to draw a line in the sand, if you will, and choose time with family this year.  I need to do this for myself and my family.  I feel I am missing so much of my babies and hubbies time.  Work will always be there, always something to finish.  I don't want to miss out on my family just to organize my room or grade papers.  I am Type A for sure, so it is hard to draw that line.  Wish me luck in keeping it up all year.

Enjoy your Monday,


  1. That run looks like so much fun! A group of friends and I are doing a Diva run in December. You get a tiara!

    Leave work, stick to your schedule! It is a challenge for me too:).

  2. A Kid K! How fun!!! And, the Blacklight Run looks gun, too! I did the Dirty Girl with a bunch of friends a few weeks back.

    I'm with you on the maid, chef & personal organizer, too!!!

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

    1. I saw the Dirty Girl run advertised but had already done the Mud Factor- felt like that was good enough for me! It was super hard!!!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. I have to say that I, too, am with you on the maid, chef and personal organizer!!!! I SO need a personal organizer for sure!! I enjoyed reading your "Currently" and love your blog...
    Have a great day and year!

    1. Thanks, glad you stopped by. You have a good year also!