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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Volunteer Gift and Mud Race

In our school we have room moms that are in charge of helping the teacher organize parties and various other events.  They work hard during the year!  My room mom was extra special to me this year as she happens to be my friend too.  We have known each other for awhile and I have now taught both of her boys.  They are great kids.
I wanted to do something a bit different this year.  I scoured pinterest for hours...I know, that's easy to do.  I was looking for something cute but doable!  There are some things on there that working mamas like me, don't have the time allowance for.  Wish I did, but I don't.
So, I finally came upon just the right thing.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the one I did.
Below is a blog with the picture of the plant pot.
Little Warriors   

Yesterday, I went to The Mud Factor 5K race.  The one I was most scared about out of all the 5K's I signed up for this summer.  It was just as scary as I imagined when I arrived with my dear friend Marcia.  At least we were scared together!  There were trenches with freezing cold water anywhere from ankle deep (near the beginning) and arm pit deep (at the end) to jump into and then climb out of.  There were obstacles to climb like walls with ropes (that one was super scary and hard), giant A frame structures to climb over using webs/ladders made out of rope, and giant empty trenches to jump over....and if you don't make it you bust up an ankle.  It was the most serious 5K I've ever done, but at the same time it was silly because we were all rolling around in, and falling in the mud.  We completed it and did pretty dang well by finishing within an hour.  I was proud of us.
I am sore, but proud.
Here we are in the before and after.

Phew, not sure I will do another mud 5K but now I want to do the Chunky Monkey/Cherry Garcia run.  That one sounds great...and yummy.

Happy Sunday everyone,

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  1. I have a mud race in October and I'm super excited about it. I did the Muddy Buddy a few years ago with my now husband. It was the most fun we had in a long time!