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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Going to RCA?

I am trying to plan a Ron Clark Academy trip and I need some advice from those who have gone.  I was looking at the January 15th date.  I am paying out of the 1 day training is the more reasonable pricing for me.  I was thinking about the National Conference too- during the summer...but that one is a LOT more money in total due to extra time at the school and extra hotel fees and such.  BUT, if I start saving now, I should be fine to go, I think.

Ron Clark Academy Gym:

Is anyone out there who reads my blog going anytime in the near-ish future????  I would love a bloggy buddy to go with and to hang out with.  I just am so pumped to get there!!!!! Anyone feel like teaming up and taking that place on with me?!?!?

Leave a comment below if you are going soon/soonish and your email so I may chat with you about it...if you wish me to contact you.  I am from New Mexico, be sure to tell me what state you live in.
Happy Sunday,

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