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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another snow's a miracle!

Wow, here in the land of enchantment (NM) we don't have a lot of snow days.  Today we had our 2nd snow day in a row.  I am so excited.  I had been working at a school that was farther away than the one I am in this year and it rarely snowed in the area of the other school, hence, we pretty much never had a snow day.  The area I live in gets more snow, as I am in the mtns.  So, when it snows at my house it is usually snowing near my new school.  Yay!  Below is what my backyard looks like.  Not a ton of snow but it is pretty icy.
I am originally from the east coast (Maryland to be exact) and I KNOW snow and ice storms.  I've had to drive through my fair share of them.  So, I know this snow is lame to some but in NM there isn't a good system to clear the roads and there aren't a lot of plows, in comparison to other states that get a lot of snow.  So, when it snows, our roads get (not to mention, most NM people drive and brake WAY too fast in it).

Anywho, I am working on a ton of school things.  It's so nice to catch up.  I hope you are having a super Wednesday too.

I just got Erica Bohrer's 101st day of school packet and have printed it out.  I will be doing the activities with my 1-2 combo class.  Should be really fun!
Celebrate the 101st Day of School!
Click on the pic above to get if from TpT.  

Or click below to check out her blog.  I read it often.
Erica's Ed-Ventures

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