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Saturday, February 1, 2014 month

It is the month of love, February!  Time to link up with Farley!

Oh' boy fourth grade

Wanting and needing:  I have been working on thinning out the items I am keeping for future years.  After many years of collecting, it is time to purge in a big way.  I have bins, bins, and more bins, full of stuff I never unearth!  I just store it.  No need to keep hogging space in the garage.

Truths/Fib:  Fib 1. I don't like colored pants...I do jeans, black, brown, tan, and grey pants.  I just don't like colorful pants on me.  I really don't like wearing corduroy.  It makes a crazy sound when you walk and I don't like that.
Truths 2 and 3- I love books that take me to another place/time.  It's just good fun.
I love when JT hosts Sat Night Live.  He is so funny!  I also can't help but love his music.  I was not a fan AT ALL of his boy band years, but think he's pretty cool now.

Happy February


  1. I totally understand the need to PURGE resources and bits and pieces. I started doing a bit over the Summer break, but not that school's back it's really starting to bug me a bit! Good luck - and know that you're not the only one! :)

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Glad to find you blog! I need to get rid of some things, too. Enjoy your February!

    Thirsty Firsties

  3. I got a ton of stuff from a retired teacher and have yet to use everything. I think I just need to start tossing the old stuff I haven't ever used! Cute blog! I am your newest follower! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  4. You must have been listening in on my conversation with my ST about spring cleaning! My classroom is getting scary and I don't even want to think about the junk in my garage!