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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ClassDojo Student Stories

Hey everyone!

ClassDojo is doing some changing and I am pretty excited about it.

The Student Stories tab is a place where students may post pictures or write a little something to their parent.  Similar to an online portfolio for the student.  Well, I didn't use it a ton this past year because...I teach first grade and it was not the easiest for them to do independently.  So, it would end up taking about 3 minutes per kid.  When you have 27 just don't do it because how on Earth are you going to keep all the others busy for an hour and a half!?!  Now it will be so much easier.

Now, I will be able to show the steps to the kids as a whole group and then have them complete it independently.

Check out what is changing...

  • Upgrades to Student Stories! 🙌

  1. Post with any app: students (and teachers!) can post photos and videos to their Story from other apps directly, or by uploading from the camera roll. “App smashing” becomes a reality!
  2. Any device: students can post from any device: iOS, Android, Chromebooks or web
  3. Easy and secure access: no need to remember usernames or passwords - students can log in instantly by scanning their secure class QR code
  4. Journal entries: the easiest way for students to reflect on their work, they can now create written journal entries
  5. Draw and annotate on photos: students can add more context to entries with drawn or typed comments
  6. Record and upload videos: students can record and share video up to eight minutes in length, or upload saved videos from other apps
  7. Drawings: when words fall short, students can let their inner artist shine by creating a drawing all their own!
  8. Filters, frames, and stickers: students can add a dash of fun to their posts, creating portfolios as unique as they are
  9. Voice notes: students too young to type? All they have to do is speak into their device and add a voice note to their work

I am most excited about the voice notes. This will make it so much easier for my little ones to draft up a cute message to go with a picture of their work.

I am excited to get started. I am trying to think of a first day or first week Student Story that we could do....
Any ideas? Our grade is starting the year with a camping theme, so I thought maybe a picture of them in a tent and they could record a voice note like "I'm loving Camp Roadrunner," or something like that.


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